YOKO-SUZUKI ceramics

KYOKO-SUZUKI ceramic artist


A normal day becomes a little happier, 
a normal thing becomes a little more special

I'd like to make such art !

                                                    Kyoko Suzuki❤️



Her works are inspired by mushrooms.
She reconstructs the shapes, colors, and textures extracted from mushrooms to produce new creations. 
Her artworks are unique pieces found nowhere else. 
They are made by hand and covered with many layers of various glazes before being fired.
They create a colorful, pop art world of mushrooms.





Tokyo-based ceramic artist.

Graduated from Tama Art University, Textile Design Department, in 1991.

After working as a textile designer, was influenced by decorative plates seen while studying in Italy,

and learned ceramic painting through self-study.

After working on painted plate production, began full-scale work as a ceramic artist in 2011.

Operator of own ceramics studio and gallery, CLAYPOT.

 In recent years, focuses on works with a mushroom motif.

Is gaining popularity at overseas art fairs, as well as group exhibits and solo exhibits in Japan.


SOLO EXHIBITION』------------------------------------------------------------------

2020/8 Kyoko Suzuki Art Ceramic Exhibition /Tokyo

       /8.9 KYOKO SUZUKI CERAMIC MUSHROOMS 2020 / Toyama

2019/5  tosdstool at doinel /Tokyo

      /8  ceramic mushrooms at hirayama nichiyouhinnten /Kyoto

2018/12 mushroom plates and vase at KAUNISTE /Tokyo

    /8  ceramic mushrooms at hirayama nichiyouhinnten /Kyoto

2017/9  HARVEST GARDEN at DandE/Tokyo

    /6  ceramic mushrooms at Hirayama Nichiyouhinnten/Kyoto


ART FAIR AND GROUP EXHIBITION』--------------------------------------------

2020/2 Mostra di Artisti Giapponesi Contemporanei/Roma

       /2 Affordable Art Fair /Milan

2019/3 Affordable Art Fair Brussel/Belgium

     /4  Art Moments Jakarta /Indonesia

    /10 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm/Sweden

    /10 Affordable Art Fair  Amsterdam/Netherlands

    /11 SEMPRE DESIGN EVENT2019 /sempre home tokyo /Japan

2018/7 pallarax art fair/ kenginton Lomdon /UK

    / 8  Midsummer Garden Art Show Burrswood/UK

    /11 TREASURE-BOX Antwerpen-art bar/Belgium


2017/12 Art Fair Kaohsiung Taiwan C i t y Suities - Kaohsiung Chenai

     /11  ART FAIR SAPPORO 2017 Sapporo/Japan

     /10Great Northarn Contemporary Craft Fair Manchester/UK



more past 

2016/12 MUSHROOM COMPOTES solo exhibiton  CLAYPOT/yoyogihachiman

         /9     WALL HANGING MUSHROOM solo exhibition RONDO/ginza

2014/12   SWEET DISHES  solo exhibition  UNPIATTO/shibuya

      /10  BUTTON AND PIACES solo exhibition CONCEPT JEWELLY WORKS/minamiaoyama

2013/12 LET'S ENJOY BOWLS solo exhibition UNPIATTO/shibuya

       /6    KYOKO SUZUKI CERAMICS solo exhibition CASE GALLERY/yoyogiuehara

2012/6   KYOKO SUZUKI CERAMICS solo exhibition CASE GALLERY/yoyogiuehara