Ceramic artist.

Location: Japan

Biography: After graduating from Tama Art University with a degree in Textile Design, Kyoko Suzuki honed her skills as a textile designer before discovering her passion for ceramics during a study abroad in Italy, where she encountered painted plates and began self-studying overglaze painting. In 2011, she embarked on her journey as a ceramic artist. Since then, she has continuously explored human psychology and emotions, focusing on why people are drawn to specific things. Her work evokes the viewer's emotions, experiences, and instinctual feelings, resonating deeply with individual stories. Recently, the theme of mushrooms has been woven throughout her work, symbolizing the incredible harmony and balance they bring to their ecosystems. Through the natural harmony of mushrooms, her art aims to bring tranquility and peace to the viewer’s mind. Suzuki’s refined technique and profound sensitivity have earned her high acclaim in the art scene both in Japan and internationally. Through her inspiring works, she continues to provide love and profound emotion, aiming to touch the hearts of her audience.


SOLO EXHIBITION』-------------------------------------------------------

2023/6 Kyoko Suzuki Solo exhibition [MUSHROOMS] /Ojiichantoinu/Hokkaido


         /9 Kyoko Suzuki Exhibition 2022  'Textured Mushroom' doinel/Tokyo

         /10 Mushroom kyoko suzuki exhibitin 2022 Hirayamaten/Kyoto

  2021/8 KYOKO SUZUKI ART CERAMICS 2021 at hirayamaten /Kyoto

           /9 KYOKO SUZUKI 2021 Mushrooms grow at doinel/Tokyo

2020/8 Kyoko Suzuki Art Ceramic Exhibition at doinel/Tokyo

       /8.9 KYOKO SUZUKI CERAMIC MUSHROOMS 2020 / Toyama


2019/5  tosdstool at doinel /Tokyo

      /8  ceramic mushrooms at hirayama nichiyouhinnten /Kyoto

2018/12 mushroom plates and vase at KAUNISTE /Tokyo

    /8  ceramic mushrooms at hirayama nichiyouhinnten /Kyoto

2017/9  HARVEST GARDEN at DandE/Tokyo

    /6  ceramic mushrooms at Hirayama Nichiyouhinnten/Kyoto


ART FAIR AND GROUP EXHIBITION』-------------------------------

2024/3 Hybrid Art Fair MAR 7-10 in Madrid Spain

2023/2  Art Parma Fair/Parma


      /8 Obon Night 2023 with mushroom show /Aichi

  /9 Affordable Art Fair NYC / NYC

2022/12  Gallery CONTAINER presents group art exhibition "PARTNER"/Fukuoka

2021/3 Bunkamura Gallery Selection 2021at Bumkamura Gallery /Tokyo

2020/2 Mostra di Artisti Giapponesi Contemporanei/Roma

       /2 Affordable Art Fair /Milan

2019/3 Affordable Art Fair Brussel/Belgium

      /4  Art Moments Jakarta /Indonesia

     /10 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm/Sweden

     /10 Affordable Art Fair  Amsterdam/Netherlands

     /11 SEMPRE DESIGN EVENT2019 /sempre home tokyo /Japan
2018/7 pallarax art fair/ kenginton Lomdon /UK

       / 8  Midsummer Garden Art Show Burrswood/UK

       /11 TREASURE-BOX Antwerpen-art bar/Belgium

2017/12 Art Fair Kaohsiung Taiwan C i t y Suities - Kaohsiung Chenai

     /11  ART FAIR SAPPORO 2017 Sapporo/Japan

     /10Great Northarn Contemporary Craft Fair Manchester/UK

2016/12 MUSHROOM COMPOTES solo exhibiton  CLAYPOT/yoyogihachiman

         /9     WALL HANGING MUSHROOM solo exhibition RONDO/ginza

2014/12   SWEET DISHES  solo exhibition  UNPIATTO/shibuya

      /10  BUTTON AND PIACES solo exhibition CONCEPT JEWELLY WORKS/minamiaoyama

2013/12 LET'S ENJOY BOWLS solo exhibition UNPIATTO/shibuya

       /6    KYOKO SUZUKI CERAMICS solo exhibition CASE GALLERY/yoyogiuehara

2012/6   KYOKO SUZUKI CERAMICS solo exhibition CASE GALLERY/yoyogiuehara 





名前: 鈴木喬子

職業: セラミックアーティスト

居住地: 日本



『SOLO EXHIBITION』------------------------------------------------------- 2023/6「MUSHROOMS」/オジイチャントイヌ/北海道 2022/7 [MUSHROOM LOVERS] 阪急うめだ本店/大阪 2022/9「テクスチャード・マッシュルーム」ドワネル/東京 /10 鈴木喬子展 2022  平山店/京都 2021/8 鈴木喬子アートセラミックス2021 平山店/京都 /9 鈴木喬子展 2021 ドイネル/東京 キノコが生える 2020/8 鈴木喬子アートセラミックス展 ドワネル/東京      /8.9 KYOKO SUZUKI CERAMIC MUSHROOMS 2020 /富山 /11 鈴木京子マッシュルームワールド at BOITE /仙台 2019/5 トスドスツール@ドイネル /東京/8 平山日養品店の陶きのこ /京都 2018/12 KAUNISTE きのこ皿と花器 /東京 /京都・平山日養品店の陶器きのこ8点セット 2017/9 HARVEST GARDEN(ハーベストガーデン)@DandE(ダンデ)/東京 /陶のきのこ展(平山日養品店)/京都

『アートフェア、グループ展』ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 2023/2 アートパルマフェア/パルマ /5 2023 WHATZ INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR/台北 /8 2023お盆ナイトwithきのこ展/愛知 /9 アフォーダブルアートフェアNYC /ニューヨーク 2022/12 ギャラリーコンテナ企画グループ展「PARTNER」/福岡 2021/3 Bunkamura Gallery Selection 2021 at Bumkamura Gallery /東京 2020/2 現代ジャポネーズアーティスト展/ローマ /2 Affordable Art Fair /ミラノ 2019/3 Affordable Art Fair Brussel /ベルギー /4 Art Moments Jakarta /インドネシア /10 アフォーダブル・アートフェア ストックホルム/スウェーデン /10 アフォーダブル・アートフェア アムステルダム/オランダ /11 SEMPRE DESIGN EVENT2019 /sempre home tokyo /日本 /11 SEMPRE DESIGN EVENT2019 /sempre home tokyo /日 2018/7 パララックスアートフェア / ケンギントンロンドン /イギリス   / 8 Midsummer Garden Art Show Burrswood /イギリス   /11 TREASURE-BOX アントウェルペンアートバー/ベルギー 2017/12 アートフェア高雄台湾 C i t y Suities - Kaohsiung Chenai /11アートフェア札幌2017 札幌/日本 /10Great Northarn Contemporary Craft Fair マンチェスター/イギリス 2016/12 MUSHROOM COMPOTES個展CLAYPOT/代々木八幡 9/壁掛けムシロ個展 RONDO/銀座 2014/12 SWEET DISHES 個展 UNPIATTO/渋谷   /10 BUTTON AND PIACES 個展 CONCEPT JEWELLY WORKS/南青山 2013年12月 LET'S ENJOY BOWLS 個展 UNPIATTO/渋谷 2012/6 鈴木京子セラミックス個展 CASE GALLERY/代々木上原

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