2018 / 11 / 28  15:33

exhibition at KAUNISTE jiyugaoka

鈴木喬子 "きのこの陶板と花器"


場所:カウニステ 自由ヶ丘店(入場無料) 
協賛:KYOKO SUZUKI ceramics

Suzuki Kyoko "Mushroom's ceramic board and vase"

In Finland there is a natural enjoyment right that all people can freely collect natural harvests unless they damage the owner of the land. In autumn, people have the right to visit the forest and enjoy mushrooms and berries freely.


Suzuki Kyoko of Ceramic Arthus is fascinated by mushrooms growing freshly and continues to make works with mushrooms as a motif. It seems that the joy of playing with nature freely appears in the works made with hands. Please see, touch and enjoy the mushroom world which is also a pottery made of natural materials and Finnish autumn tradition.


Date and time: Thursday, December 6, 2018 - Tuesday, December 18

Location: Kauniste Jiyogaoka store (free entry)

Sponsorship: KYOKO SUZUKI ceramics




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